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Blue Donut Games brings Horror In The Library to UKGE 2024 – Fri 31 May to 2 June

Are you ready for the ultimate horror gaming experience? If so, you won’t want to miss the UK Games Expo 2024 Fri 31 May to 2 June, where Blue Donut Games will be demoing the newest edition of Horror In The Library and the new Expansion pack. Horror in the Library is the thrilling board game that pits you and other players against the dark forces lurking within the library of the Mad Professor.

Horror In The Library is a competitive family game for 1-6 players, ages 12 and over,  where you have to explore a haunted library, find secrets, and fight off terrifying creatures. The game features a modular board, dynamic play objectives, and a rich game environment that changes based on your choices and actions.

The newest edition of Horror In The Library includes updated rules, improved components, and new artwork. It also comes with the Collector’s Expansion, which adds more content and challenges to the game. The Collector’s Expansion introduces new characters, items, enemies, and locations. There is a new mechanic: cooperative mode, where players team up to construct an apparatus to defeat all the monsters before they over-run the Library.

Last year’s UK Games Expo in 2023 was a huge success for Blue Donut Games, as a large amount of people and customers played Horror In The Library during the entire weekend. The game received positive feedback from players and board game developers, who praised its immersive gameplay, engaging story, and high replay value. Many players said it was the best horror board game they had ever played.

This year, Blue Donut Games will be selling copies of Horror In The Library and Expansion on our stand, so you can get your hands on this amazing game before anyone else. You can also buy new t-shirts of Horror In The Library, featuring the iconic logo and some of the most memorable characters from the game. These t-shirts are exclusive to the UK Games Expo 2024, so don’t miss this chance to show your love for Horror In The Library.

But that’s not all. Blue Donut Games will also be showcasing the Horror In The Library VR game, which is currently in development. This is a virtual reality adaptation of the board game, where you can experience the horror of the library in a whole new way. You can explore the library in 3D, interact with objects, and feel the terror of facing the creatures in first-person. The VR game is still in early stages, but you can get a sneak peek of what it will look like at the UK Games Expo 2024.

So what are you waiting for? Join us at the UK Games Expo 2024 and discover why Horror In The Library is the ultimate horror gaming experience for families and friends. You won’t regret it… or will you?