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Dev Diary #4 – Not just a board game – How we are approaching the VR game
We’ve spent quite a bit of time discussing how we were going to make a VR game. This is something we are still working on, but we have created a more defined feature list and direction.

We have had t develop a demonstration for the Barclays Game Frenzy in London. This was on the 16 May. So we have a tight schedule to decide what we would show off. This was a great opportunity to think about the core mechanics.

We didn’t want to just replicate the board game of Horror in the Library. We already had Tabletopia create a virtual board game for us. So there was no point just repeating that exercise in VR although Demeo is a brilliant interpretation of a RPG as a board game in VR.

This was our chance to explore further the world of the original game. So we thought it made sense to put players inside the Library, and they had to search for something.

It had to be up against the clock and there had to be a monster. We have a lot of ideas of how to interpret the game but first we wanted to make sure this was something people would be interested in and get some initial player feedback.

We took it to Barclays along with a bunch of board games and we were overjoyed with the response. We had no shortage of victims to virtually throw into the Mad Professors Mansion and find a key to escape.

So we know the theme and concept work. We had a lot of people ask about multiplayer. This is something key as well to the strategy. We have a multiplayer system we are integrating but there are more fundamental things we need to tackle at the moment.