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Class: The Operative

They never tell you the odds since you always find some way to surpass them. As an operative, you are a highly skilled combatant able to take risks and come out on top through sheer luck or incredible precision. Danger and adrenaline are your middle names but in the calmer moments you are able to create meticulously crafted plans. When someone needs something delicate done or when they need something absolutely destroyed, they call you. We will now be skulking into the shadow strewn basements of the Operative.

This class is a class of roguish wit combined with daredevilish cunning, perfect for those who like to play risky for high rewards. It is a class where your Dexterity will matter most, a stat based around your physical agility and precision which will help you get out of tough situations and act with devastating precision. This class will appeal to those who like to take risks and can have a lot of fun with both the highs and lows that can bring. You will often have to manage your stress so that you get the most out of any important rolls you need to make.

Core Features
Let’s have a look at the features which exemplify the Operative:

Get Risky – Whenever you’re making a check outside of combat, you’ll be able to get advantage on a check without gaining any stress. This is called pushing yourself. However, you’ll be suffering some consequences unless you do really well on the check. Good luck and get risky!
Poised for Danger – This feature is what really lets your precision shine through and for you to avert danger by the skin of your teeth. Whenever you suffer consequences when you make any roll with Dexterity, you won’t suffer any consequences if you just gain a stress. However, if these are particularly dire consequences (which are usually suffered by rolling a natural 1), you won’t be able to avert them.

These abilities allow an Operative to avoid danger so long as they are operating within their niche of physical agility. As an operative may want to spend a lot of stress to avoid consequences, they don’t have to spend as much stress to make themselves more likely to succeed on a check but with increased risk. Once you start out as an operative, you can look forward to specialising in becoming a Hunter, Scoundrel or Secret Agent which will equip you with powerful ways to deal damage, stay risky and manage your stress. As an operative, you can always get the job done but the question is what price are you willing to pay to ensure it is.

As we continue scrying the stars of our unknown galaxy, you can look forward to the unveiling of our next class, The Scientist.










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