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Further Beyond – Additional Rule

Changes #2

Now it’s time for the second part of our developer log focusing on the changes that have been made to the core rules. Join us today for a rundown of what you can expect in Further Beyond from downtime to hacking computers. Further Beyond is a game where choice and tactical decision making are central to success on the missions your custodian sets you on and this core ethos can be found throughout the following points we will be focusing on:

Discern Action
When you take the discern action, you attempt to understand something about your environment or another creature better. You make an Intellect or Affinity check, and your custodian will give you some information based on the success of a roll. Although, this is not something new to the game – characters have always been able to make checks such as these whenever they wish to and your custodian will adjudicate the outcome. However, baking this ability into the core rules does two things. It makes it clear that trying to understand your environment and other creatures is a key part to success in Further Beyond and sometimes taking the time to assess your surroundings and learn some information from your custodian can be the best thing you can do, even in combat. On the other hand, having the discern action allows for abilities to explicitly reference learning from your environment and interact with it. We hope you will be excited to see this expressed in some of your class and skill features which will be expanded on in future developer logs.

The rules and options for machines have been massively expanded since the rules preview and we can now unveil that drones will be a powerful tool in your arsenal for exploring the Vast. Drones will come with a choice of several physical constructions such as your classic handheld drone which will be your cheapest and most versatile option or a carrier drone, intended to improve the load of weaker characters who prefer for a drone to carry their baggage than themselves.
Drones will require continuous attention from an explorer to wield unless they install an AI into the drone. Each AI will come with its own set of personality quirks and areas of specialty so you can find the perfect drone with the perfect mind to suit whatever specialised need you have for it. But beware, an AI can act strangely at times and even go rogue if you are not careful!

Continuing to focus on tech, computers now have a developed rule system within the world of Further Beyond. You will be able to hack into computers with skills specifically focused around computers but you will have to watch out for their defences, as failing to crack a computer fast enough can result in your custodian inflicting unique consequences upon you such as unleashing an AI, implementing a lockdown of all computer systems or inflicting damage upon you with a recalcitrant surge. Soon we will begin showing off all the options for explorers who are heading out into the Vast so you can get a feel for what your explorers may look like and how they will function on the tabletop. Stay curious, explorers!









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