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Further Beyond – Character Class Introduction

Explorers of the Vast, it’s now time to take a sneak peek into how you can create your explorers in the galaxy of Further Beyond. A core part of your explorer will be their class. This will provide you with their character defining abilities as well as the way they are intended to function at a base level. However, there are many ways to customise a particular class, making it so one explorer could play and feel wildly different from another explorer of the same class. Let’s take a look at how classes work in Further Beyond!

The Classes
There are four classes to pick from currently departing from spaceships in Further Beyond.

The Envoy – Words are your weapons and through charm, a silver-tongue or bewitching intimidation do you know how to use them. You have a keen understanding and often excel at tasks you’ve never encountered before. If you like talking your way out of sticky situations and always being the one with a backup plan, this is the class for you.

The Operative – Constantly striving for peerless precision or succeeding through brazen luck, an operative is an extremely skilled combatant and always able to shirk danger and succeed against the odds. If you’re something of a daredevil or want to use your incredible talents with grace and poise, this is the class for you.

The Scientist – Studious and ingenious. A scientist understands the way to success comes through a mix of careful planning and finely honed intuition. You will often find yourself the most educated and intelligent one in the room. If you like careful planning and being the centre of command your allies can rely on, this is the class for you.

The Soldier – When the going gets tough, you’re already close to the finish line. You can take a hit and hit back harder; serving as a powerful ally for your fellow explorers. If you want to get stuck into the thick of things and be the rock your allies can rely on, this is the class for you.

Class Outline
Your class will determine various parts of your character such as their health, starting skills, load capacity but the most exciting parts will be your features and items. Each class has its own list of unique items that only that class will be able to use such as the Soldier’s volatile “Custom Weapon” allowing you to roll an additional die of damage with a weapon, but with the risk of if you roll a double, you will take one die of damage as well.










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