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The aim of Games Frenzy is to create opportunities for new and upcoming UK games talent to network with others in the industry – around 130 exhibiters are expected to attend this year on the 16th May next month. You can register to attend here: https://games.creative.barclays/games-frenzy-24/.

At the 2023 Games Frenzy we (Blue Donut Games) premiered our Horror in The Library board game and Online Multiplayer where people could try out both versions of the game, which were praised for the use of detailed illustrations, game design and overall theming of Victorian Steampunk mixed with Lovecraftian Horror. This year Horror in The Library returns to Games Frenzy to once again showcase not only the newest edition of the board game but also our VR demo prototype which fully immerses players within 3D space where the tiles become a virtual escape room with interactable objects.

The event is usually held at 2 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London which is where Barclays HQ is located. To get to there you can drive into Central London or get the London Underground nearest to where you are and walk from the station at Canary Wharf – travel time varies depending on which Underground station you are at, typically it would take 7-10 minutes to get from Canary Wharf to Barclays. Make sure you check your journey using the Underground app as some closures and maintenance work may affect getting to Canary Wharf on the day.