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Class: The Envoy

With silver-tongued wit and tremendous guile, your well laid plan falls into place and you are able to outwit all those around you, be they high-class aristocrats or the minds of cunning alien monstrosities. As an Envoy, you are a quick thinker and a sharp talker.

The Envoy is the first class we will be getting to look backstage on. It is a class based around Affinity, a stat similar to both Charisma and Wisdom if you’ve slain any dragons in your time. An envoy will appeal to those who have a sharp wit. You do not need to be the centre of attention but you will have a keen understanding of the world around you, notice things others wouldn’t and know how to use this information to improvise in powerful ways.

Core Features
Let’s have a look at the two features which underpin the Envoy’s guile.

Jack of all Trades – Whenever you attempt anything that you lack any training in, you will get to add half your Affinity to the roll. In addition, when you help another explorer with anything, they can add this benefit to their roll as well. Your ability to pick things up on the fly grants you a baseline level of competency in anything and your allies are sure to thank you for it.
Quick Thinking – Whenever you or someone else fails a check, you can let them re-roll the check and take either result. Now, this ability is limited to once per scene so be careful to choose the best moment to use this powerful ability to make sure you or a friend succeeds at that important and tense roll.

These abilities will underpin the envoy’s power. You will also be able to learn more skills than anyone else and therefore have an easier time specialising as you level up. As an Envoy, you are the hub of your team, a dependable ally who is always able to come through when the chips are down. Look forward to the unveiling of the rest of the core classes and an explanation of how they function soon.










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